Causes And Treatment For Teeth Discoloration



All of us, at some point, have craved for that perfect set of pearly, white teeth. While we are born with such perfectly white teeth, lack of oral hygiene causes yellowing and dental decay. Modern science gives us options such as teeth whitening, but it can be considered as the last resort for irreversibly yellowed teeth.

Common causes of stained teeth

Oral hygiene

Lack of oral hygiene is the top reason for yellow teeth. While some may consider brushing one’s teeth twice a day is only primary school propaganda, it goes a long way in ensuring clean, white teeth. Daily brushing will also help to reverse mild staining, although not eliminate it.



Coffee, tea, cola drinks are popularly believed to stain teeth. Coffee and tea are the top dental offenders mainly due to the high levels of daily consumption. For most people, coffee and tea are inseparable from their morning routines. In the interest of dental health, moderation is the key.

Dark colored food

Dark colored food items like blackberries, beetroot, potato, red wine and even curries, while healthy for your body, can cause staining. One need not give up on such healthy foods and beverages in pursuit of whiter teeth, but rinsing after eating or drinking them is a must.


Smoking and tobacco consumption are the quickest to cause yellowing of teeth due to nicotine and tar deposits. Using cigarettes with filters will only help marginally and will not prevent other dental problems. In most cases, damage caused smoking and tobacco chewing is severe and irreversible.


Ways to reverse staining of teeth and acquiring a healthy smile

  • Regular brushing

Regular brushing is the easiest way to keep your teeth shining. If you brush twice daily, you may never need the help of other complex teeth whitening procedures.

  • Limit drinking coffee and tea

Limiting coffee/ tea intake is important not only for oral health but your overall health as well. You can limit the exposure of your teeth to caffeine by using a straw. This also includes soda and health drinks.

  • Quit smoking and tobacco for better teeth and better health

Tobacco is one the products they cause teeth staining. It is always advisable to avoid smoking or even chewing tobacco for your teeth and also for your health. It leads to more damage to your health more than just stains on your teeth.

Visit a dentist

hdhd874The above-mentioned ways of preventing yellow teeth work for most people, but if for some reason your teeth are stained permanently and for unexplained reasons, then a visit to your dentist is a must. Several teeth whitening procedures are available. Some procedures try to reverse the staining while others focus on concealing the stained tooth (veneers). With the help of your dentist, you can also choose teeth whitening solutions that you can use at home. Check out to learn more.